Light Switches

You are probably familiar with what light switches do, but may not understand their full potential. By redesigning the layout/function of your light switches can entirely redecorate your home. Simply put, here’s what light switches do and what likely needs to be done for upgrades, repairs, and replacements.

The most familiar electrical switch is the common light switch, referred to by hardware dealers and electricians as a single-pole switch. A switch that operates lights from two locations—the ends of a hallway, for example—is called a three-way switch.

Special dimmers are needed for fluorescent and neon lights and loads greater than 1,000 watts. Switches should match the amp and voltage ratings for the circuit. Also, if your home has aluminum wiring, the switches should be designated CU-AL for compatibility.

Replacing light switches allow you to make a smart yet subtle home improvement!

If you’ve got some outdated light switches or simply looking to switch things up, contact Lone Wolf Electric to help with all your home electrical needs.

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